January 10, 2022 City Council Minutes


The Waukon City Council met in regular session on January 10, 2022 at 7:00 P.M. in the council room of City Hall, 101 Allamakee Street and via Zoom technology. Mayor Pat Stone presided. Council members present: John Lydon, Arvid Hatlan (by zoom arriving late), Kevin Johnson, Steve Wiedner and Andy Sires. Council members absent: None. Others present: City Manager Gary Boden; Assistant Police Chief Luke Inglett; Street Superintendent Keith Burrett; Park, Recreation & Wellness Director Jeremy Strub; Water & Sewer Superintendent Jim Cooper; Assistant City Attorney Kevin Stinn; Standard- Joe Moses; Fehr Graham – Lyle TeKippe & Paige Pierce; WEDC – Ardie Kuhse and citizens.

The Mayor called the meeting to order.
Moved by: Lydon  |  Seconded by: Johnson
To approve the consent agenda.


  • Minutes of December 20, 2021 regular session
  • Approval of $5,008.50 car radio for new squad for Police Department
  • Approval to set date, time and place for regular council meetings, 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at 7:00 P.M.
  • Approval to set agenda posting for the bulletin board at City Hall entrance and designate official newspaper as The Standard Newspaper.
  • Approval of (Council and Mayor) Appointments: Dr. Barbee as health officer, Sarah Snitker as City Clerk, Jim Cooper as Water/Sanitary Sewer Superintendent, Keith Burrett as Street Superintendent, Gary Boden as
  • Zoning Administrator, Jeff Swartz as City Attorney, Paul Wagner as Police Chief, Kevin Johnson as Mayor Pro Tem and Kevin Johnson and John Lydon as Fire Committee
  • Resolution – Approving depositories of city funds as follows: Waukon State Bank, Waukon
  • ($10,000,000); FreedomBank, Waukon ($8,000,000); Kerndt Brothers Savings Bank, Lansing
  • ($8,000,000); Luana Savings Bank, Luana ($8,000,000); Decorah Bank & Trust, Decorah ($8,000,000). The Clerk assigned number 22-01 to the resolution.
  • Resolution – Agreeing to change the mileage reimbursement allowance for use of private automobile on City business from ($.56) cents per mile to ($.585) cents per mile. The Clerk assigned number 22-02 to the resolution.
  • Resolution – Agreeing to the transfer of $53,260.59 from the Sewer Revenue Fund to the Sewer Revenue Bond Sinking Fund for the principal/interest payment on the Sewer Revenue Bond, Series 2019 ($43,598.13)
  • and Series 2021-$1M ($5,124.35) and Series 2021-$750K ($4,538.11). The Clerk assigned number 22-03 to the resolution.
  • Resolution – Agreeing to the transfer of $13,935.89 from the Wellness Center Operating Fund to the General Fund for the Wellness Center employee share-reimbursement for the December, 2021 payroll salaries.
  • The Clerk assigned number 22-04 to the resolution.
  • Resolution – Agreeing to the transfer of $50,000 from the General Fund to the Capital Project Fund-Maintenance Garage for the Maintenance Garage Project. The Clerk assigned number 22-05 to the resolution.
  • Resolution – Agreeing to the transfer of $25,000 from the General Fund to the Capital Project Fund-Fiber Optics for high-speed fiber optic construction project. The Clerk assigned number 22-06 to the resolution.
  • Resolution – Agreeing to the transfer of $60,000 from the Road Use Tax Fund to the Capital Equipment Fund for dump truck purchase. The Clerk assigned number 22-07 to the resolution.
  • Resolution – Agreeing to the transfer of $33,857 from the Emergency Fund to the General Fund. The Clerk assigned number 22-08 to the resolution.
  • Resolution – Authorizing Internal Advance to Tax Increment Sub fund not to exceed $1,324. The Clerk assigned number 22-09 to the resolution.
  • Approval of City Clerk/Treasurer’s Report, December 2021
  • Approval of Claims

Payment of Claims document Below
Yes: Lydon, Wiedner, Johnson, Sires  |   Absent: Hatlan  |  No: 0
The Mayor declared the motion carried.

Council Member Hatlan joined the meeting

Under Public Comments: There were no public comments

Under Department Reports: Water & Sewer Superintendent Jim Cooper briefed there are issues with the sludge press at the new plant but the warranty will cover it. Street Superintendent Keith Burrett wanted direction on how to handle employees if they are exposed to COVID. City Manager Boden stated to follow CDC guidelines; they can work as long as they are not symptomatic but if they show symptoms they need to get tested. Burrett also mentioned that as of next Monday they will start shoveling sidewalks if needed and implementing charges. Assistant Police Chief Inglett briefed that one of the new Tahoe’s has been delivered and the other will be coming but has been delayed.

City Manager Boden mentioned he will be meeting with people from Allamakee-Clayton REC regarding the fiberoptic project. He also noted there was a meeting last week with the township people regarding the ambulance and the hospital will have a proposal for the council to review at possibly the next meeting.
Mayor Stone wanted to remind residents that they need to have their trash out by 6 A.M. to be picked up and when there are reports to not stray from topic. If anyone wants discussion on an item, they can add it as an agenda item for the next meeting.

Paige Pierce with Fehr Graham provided updates on the Waukon Sponsored/Storm Water Quality Improvements Project. She noted that the application for the WQI grant was moved forward to the next round for potentially an additional $100,000 towards the project. She also went through updated cost estimates for each portion of the project and noted that council can think on what they want to move forward with and decide at an upcoming council meeting. No action taken.

Assistant Police Chief Inglett discussed the door license renewal quotes.
Moved by: Lydon, Seconded by: Johnson to approve the door license renewal 5-year quote of $3,434.05.
Yes: 5  |  No: 0
The Mayor declared the motion carried.

City Manager Boden re-addressed projects through the Capital Improvement Plan that was discussed in 2021 and where funding for those projects can be committed from and in which fiscal year. The council were in favor of the projects Boden had listed. He also discussed some possible projects that could be funded with the American Rescue Funds and noted that Council will need to determine how to utilize those funds soon.
No action taken.

Moved by: Lydon Seconded by: Wiedner
To enter into closed session for a strategy meeting regarding employee union contract negotiations- exempt from Iowa open meeting law by Iowa Code Chapter 20.17 (3).
Yes: Sires, Johnson, Lydon, Wiedner, Hatlan  |  No: 0
The Mayor declared the motion carried. Roll call was taken: Sires, Johnson, Lydon, Wiedner, Hatlan