Waukon City Park

Sixty four rolling acres of open park. Picnic shelters, walking trails, and camping facilities make this an attractive resting place and offers fun for the whole family.

Park Shelters

To make a reservation for a Waukon City Park Shelter, call 568-0081. Please leave a message including your: name, phone number, which shelter you would like to reserve, and what date and time you would like to reserve the shelter. There is no fee to use the shelters, but donations are welcome as we are a non-profit organization. Reservations can be made as short as a day's notice or as long as a year in advance.

ShelterCapacityWater Electricity
Ada Boltz Gazebo  x
Campground (2)42xx
Kiwanis #112xx
Kiwanis #212xx
Kiwanis #318xx

Volleyball Courts/Horseshoe Pit

Two lighted sand volleyball courts are located in the Waukon City Park. No reservations are needed. Also, a horseshoe pit is available for use. Please bring your own equipment for the volleyball courts and horseshoe pit.

Indian Springs Pond

Another attraction to the Waukon City Park is Indian Springs Pond, located on the south edge of the park.  Here you can fish or sit and relax on a bench.  There are walking trails that connect the pond to the campground area.  No swimming is allowed in the pond.

Hideaway Park

Hideaway Park is a wooden playground located on the south edge of the park, next to the Kiwanis #3 shelter.  One of the main children attractions of the Waukon City Park.

Softball Field

The Pat Gallagher Memorial Softball Field is located on the southeast corner of the Waukon City Park.  The softball field is open to the public.  During the summer months, teen leagues use this field nightly.

Park Hours

The park is open daily 6am - 10pm.  Free Admission.