Youth Soccer 2022

Program Description

The Youth Soccer Program is for boys and girls in Kindergarten thru 6th grade. Basic fundamentals of soccer will be taught along with team participation. Teams will be grouped together as follows: Kindergarten is alone,
1st & 2nd graders will be together, 3rd & 4th graders will be together, and 5th & 6th graders will be together.

Different size fields and balls will be used to accommodate the lower ages and skill levels. ALL players must wear shin guards and they must be covered by socks or pants. Cleats are optional.

The games will be Saturday mornings starting April 23 and will run for 5 weeks. The dates will be as follows: April 23, April 30, May 7, May 14, and May 21. The make-up dates will be May 16 (Monday), May 17 (Tuesday), OR May 19 (Thursday) if needed. Kindergartners WILL NOT practice during the week. They show up at the designated time on Saturdays and will be shown different soccer drills that they will do with their teammates and then they will play a game for about 30 minutes. They will play on a small field and it will be 5 on 5 games. 1st-6th grade WILL have 2 practices during the week plus Saturday morning games. The practice days/times will depend on the coach. Practices will start the week of April 11th if the weather allows. Games/practices will be held at the fields west of the Waukon Wellness Center. Two volunteer coaches are needed for each team. After March 18th, the registration fee increases so register early!


Online Registration is available:

Please create a family account. You can pay online with a Credit/Debit Card.

Program Updates & Additional Documents

Soccer Picture Day Schedule: SATURDAY, MAY 7

Waukon Wellness Center (Court Area)



Team 15: The Tigers (5th/6th Grade)     Neon Green

Team 16: The Lynx (5th/6th Grade)     Safety Orange



Team 14: The Stars (3rd/4th Grade)      Neon Green

Team 5: The Cougars (1st/2nd Grade)    Yellow

Team 1: The Crusaders (1st/2nd Grade)     Red


8:30-9:00            —–



Team 17: The Kickers (5th/6th Grade)     Sky Blue

Team 18: The Strikers (5th/6th Grade)     Yellow



Team 2: The Bobcats (1st/2nd Grade)     Sky Blue

Team 3: The Red Bulls (1st/2nd Grade)     Darker Green (Irish)

Team 10: The Comets (3rd/4th Grade)     Safety Orange



Team 4: The Rapids (1st/2nd Grade)     Neon Green

Team 8: The Kings (1st/2nd Grade)     Coral



Team 11: The Jaguars (3rd/4th Grade)     Darker Blue (Tropical)

Team 12: The Wildcats (3rd/4th Grade)     Sky Blue

Team 13: The Sounders (3rd/4th Grade)     Yellow



Team 3: The Oscar’s (Kindergarten)     Sky Blue

Team 5: The Grover’s (Kindergarten)     Neon Green

Team 6: The Elmo’s (Kindergarten)     Coral



Team 4: The Big Bird’s (Kindergarten)     Safety Orange

Team 1: The Cookie Monsters (Kindergarten)     Darker Blue (Tropical)

Team 2: The Ernie’s (Kindergarten)     Yellow



Team 9: The Knights (3rd/4th Grade)     Red

Team 6: The Timbers (1st/2nd Grade)     Darker Blue (Tropical)

Team 7: The Whitecaps (1st/2nd Grade)     Safety Orange


**Shoes & cleats MUST be taken off in the ENTRY WAY of the Wellness Center before entering the court area!