Adult Volleyball League

Program Description

  1. Player roster sheets & team fees are due by the third match/week. 16 players maximum. Must be 16 yrs. old or a sophomore in High School to play.
  2. Players may be added until roster is full. Players can be removed from roster and new players added. Players must be on the team roster three games before playing in the tournament and have played in regular season to be eligible. Players may participate in two leagues, however, two or more players from one team may not participate on the same team in both leagues unless one is a male and the other female or both are females.
  3. Teams are responsible for making their own calls and announcing the score. Be honest and call your own violations. If a disagreement develops, the point should be replayed. The wins & losses of the match should be recorded on the results sheet.
  4.  Rally Scoring – all 3 games go to 25 points. First game must start by 10 minutes after posted time or the absent team will forfeit first game. 20 minutes late for the second game is a forfeit. 40 minutes late for the third game is a forfeit. Regular season: play ALL 3 games to 25. Tournament play: best 2 out of 3 games to 25 points.
  5. There must be 3, 4, 5, or 6 players per team in order to play a game. A player may enter upon arrival if his/her team is short players. Only 3 guys at the most in the game at one time, only 2 guys if using 3 or 4 players.
  6. A team is allowed 2 one minute time-outs per game.
  7. If a player hits the ball off the ceiling and it stays on his/her side of the net, it is still playable. If the ball hits the ceiling and goes over the net, it is a point for the other team. If the ball goes over the net, hits the ceiling and bounces back to the side it was hit from, then it is out of play. If the ball hits the curtain, it is not playable. The point is awarded to the other team.
  8. If the ball lands on any part of the boundary line, it is in bounds.
  9. If a player goes into the other court, to play a ball or after they play a ball, it is a violation.
  10. Players must be in proper rotational order when serving. (guy-girl)
  11. The ball must be served before the server can touch or go over the end line. The ball can be served from anywhere behind the end line.
  12. A served ball cannot be blocked or attacked.
  13. Served balls may be passed by bumping or setting.
  14. If a served ball hits the net and goes over the net, it is a good serve and is playable.
  15. No one can touch the net under any circumstances. If the net is touched a violation has occurred.
  16. Crossing the imaginary center line under the net is a fault. If any body parts are clearly on the opponent’s court, it is a fault.
  17. Spikes must be hit, not thrown or carried. Follow through on a spike can go over the net when no net contact is made.
  18. The ball can be hit only three times each play. If the ball is hit more than once, a girl must hit it before the ball goes over the net. Any part of the body, including the leg or foot, can be used to keep the ball in play and is considered a legal hit. (New 2018-2019 season)
  19. The ball may be blocked while over the opponent’s court only after their third hit, or unless the ball is attacked on the first or second hit. The ball may never be attacked while completely over the opponent’s court.
  20. Only players in the front row may block, unless the front row has two girls and one guy. Then a guy may come up from the back row to block. No spikes by back court players within 10 ft. of the net.
  21. If a player blocks a ball, they can still be the next to hit the ball. It counts as one hit.
  22. Teams decide who serves first game. Loser of game one serves first for game two. Loser of game two serves first for game three.



Program Updates & Additional Documents