Adult Kickball League 2022

Program Description

  1. Roster limit is 16. You can only be on ONE team.
  2. All players must be at least 16 years old or out of high school.
  3. Players may be added to rosters at any time and do not have to sit out one game before beginning to play. Players already on a team cannot play for any other team unless they quit their original team and then cannot go back to the team they quit. **If a league tournament is held, players must be on the roster AND have played in regular season in order to be eligible to play in the tournament. (NEW 2019)
  4. For teams playing the 7:00 game, there is a 10-minute grace period to have six players to start the game. No Grace periods for 7:50 & 8:40 games. If a team does not have 6 players by game time or by the end of a long running game, that team must forfeit. Lineups, with at least six players, must be in the scoring booth by game time.
  5. Duty teams consist of at least three people per field: two umpires and a scorekeeper. If a duty team fails to show up, the team will be fined $9.00 per person per game.
  6. Rainouts – Make up games will be played on the first available Monday night or Wednesday night after the regularly scheduled games.
  7. No steal spikes allowed or steel toed shoes.
  8. Players must slide on close plays. A runner may be called out by the umpire for not sliding whenever necessary. Necessary is whenever there’s a chance of a collision.
  9. A continuous batting order may be used. All players may kick in succession but are not required to play in the field. Teams may choose to substitute freely on defense. Male-female batting order must be used, a mandatory out for each missing female.
  10. A defensive team consists of up to 10 players, no more than five males. A team may start with a minimum of six players, but must take a mandatory out for each missing female kicker in the lineup when two guys kick back-to-back.
  11. The kicking team supplies the pitcher to pitch to their teammates. A female or male pitcher is allowed. The pitcher cannot interfere with any defensive play. If this should happen the kicker is out and all base runners return to the base they started on before the last pitch.
  12. The kicker cannot kick the ball until the ball reaches the home plate line. If the ball is kicked before it reaches the line, the play is stopped. It is considered a foul ball.
  13. The kicker will get just 3 pitches to kick one. If the kicker kicks only the third pitch and it goes foul; the kicker will get one more pitch. Foul ball on 2nd strike and the kicker is out.
  14. The kicker may bunt. A bunt just has to go past the home plate line into fair territory.
  15. The catcher must remain behind home plate line until the ball is contacted.
  16. Any outfielder that positions himself/herself on the infield (off the outfield grass), during a pitched ball that has not yet reached the plate, can be called by the umpire. This results in a dead ball and the runner automatically going to first base and any other runners advancing one base.
  17. Only one infielder may go across the line from 1st to 3rd, but not until the ball is pitched and cannot cross the safety line until the ball is kicked.
  18. Beaming a baserunner is allowed. However, a runner may not be hit on the head or neck, unless sliding, and will be awarded the base they are going to. A runner who intentionally lets the ball hit him/her in the head or neck shall be called out. If a runner is hit in the head while sliding, jumping, or ducking to avoid a ball, this does not count as a head shot and runner will be “safe” or “out” depending on umpires call of the play.
  19. The pitcher must have at least one foot on the pitching rubber when the ball is released.
  20. The 15-run rule after three innings and the 10-run rule after five innings will apply. There is a limit of seven runs per inning per team. The other team is automatically up to bat after seven runs have been scored. In the seventh inning or extra innings this rule does not apply.
  21. When a runner crosses the 25-foot line (line of no return) between 3rd & home plate, a force out is in effect.
  22. Underage drinking at the Waukon Softball Complex will not be tolerated.
  23. NO drinking pop or beer on the field, only in the dugout or outside the field when a game is being played. Make sure to clean up the dugout area after your game!! NO SMOKING IS ALLOWED ON THE FIELD.


Program Updates & Additional Documents