Antidegradation Alternatives Analysis for the City of Waukon, Iowa

Notice is hereby given that the City of Waukon, Iowa has completed a draft antidegradation alternatives analysis for discharge of treated wastewater to an unnamed creek to Paint Creek. The action being considered is construction of an activated sludge wastewater treatment facility to replace the City’s existing trickling filter facility. The unnamed creek is protected for Class A2 primary contact recreational and B(WW-2) warm water beneficial uses.

Anyone wishing to comment on the proposed treatment alternative must do so in writing within 30 days of the date shown at the top of this notice. Comments may be submitted to the City Clerk by hand delivery, mail or email: City Clerk, 101 Allamakee Street, Waukon, IA 52172,

Copies of this notice, the draft antidegradation alternatives analysis and supporting information are on file and available for public inspection from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM Monday through Friday at the above address. Copies of this information may be requested by contacting the City Clerk at 563-568-3492 or the above email address. The City will submit a summary of comments received and the City’s responses to the Iowa Department of Natural Resources with the final alternatives analysis subject to IDNR review and approval.