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Summer Youth Activities

*Little League Softball & Baseball

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6th & 7th Grade Baseball Schedules

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       -Sign up for public lessons at the Aquatic Center or call 563-568-2514. Private lessons can be set up at the Aquatic Center

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Fall Youth Activities

*1st/2nd Grade Nerf Flag Football

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*3rd/4th Grade Flag Football

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*3rd/4th Grade Volleyball

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*5th/6th Grade Travel Volleyball

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Winter Youth Activities

*4th, 5th & 6th Grade Girls/Boys Basketball

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Winter Adult Activities

*Adult Volleyball League

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General Information
Waukon Park and Rec Wellness Director, Jeremy Strub
Waukon Recreation Program Director, Kim Kraus

1220 Third Ave NW
Waukon, IA 52172

  • Office Phone: 563-568-6420
  • Cell Phone: 563-568-7131
  • Email:
  • Waukon Park & Campgrounds: 563-568-0081 or 563-568-6420
  • Campground & Shelter Reservations: 563-568-0081 or 563-568-6420
  • Waukon Family Aquatic Center: 563-568-2514
  • Waukon Softball Complex:  563-568-4651

Webster's Dictionary defines Sportsmanship as conduct becoming to a person who is fair, generous, a good loser, and a gracious winner.

In our fast-paced, ever changing world of technology, sometimes this virtue gets lost. It is part of our departments' goals to continue to provide positive programs and activities that foster this good sportsmanship. Educating kids and adults that all games need to be kept in perspective, trying your best, and having fun are the real reasons you should be participating in recreation activities.